Use Cases

Instantly reach colleagues

When email is too slow, and calling is not possible, Teamwire offers a direct channel to instantly exchange messages with colleagues. Since all messages are delivered with push notifications, Teamwire assures that time-critical messages are received immediately.

Real-time messaging

You can address an important topic in real-time with all involved people. Read receipts let you monitor, who has seen the messages, and threaded chats show you nicely, whose input is needed to drive the discussion. Teamwire helps to make prompt decisions.

Ensure confidentiality

Teamwire sends messages to colleagues and teams directly and privately. Only the members of a chat receive the messages. Assistants, administrators or the like are excluded from the communication. Teamwire ensures that things are kept private and confidential.

Update your team

Group messaging with Teamwire is perfect for sharing news. No matter, if you want to inform about a successful deal, coordinate an internal meeting, or highlight product development progress, Teamwire offers a personal channel to quickly update your team.

Share digital content

Teamwire allows to share any content required to facilitate communication. To improve the information exchange, Teamwire provides voice and video messaging as well as calendar and location sharing. In order to exchange ideas and knowledge, you can share files, photos and web links.

Simplify internal communication

Within Teamwire there is no mix of external and internal communication, or of private and business messaging content. Teamwire is a dedicated space for the internal communication of an enterprise only. And all communication is aligned, no matter if employees are in the office, travelling or remote.

Stay on top of change

The app makes it easy to follow internal developments and to quickly access all relevant information. Employees can stay on top of change and take all required actions to drive work forward. As a result the communication time is reduced and the overall productivity is improved.

Connect mobile and desktop workers

Mobile workers use Teamwire's enterprise messaging app to quickly communicate with team members in the office, in order to directly exchange important business information, synchronize activities and coordinate tasks. Teamwire connects mobile and desktop workers of a business.

Permanent channels for teams

The group chats of Teamwire often serve as permanent channels for teams, projects, units and topics. These channels provide fast access to ongoing conversations, show all related content, allow to instantly share knowledge, and accelerate as well as simplify the collaboration.

Virtual meetings

The group chats of Teamwire are also used as virtual team meetings. Important matters can be addressed, discussed and solved immediately. Team members can jointly make an informed decision on a topic wherever they are. These virtual team meetings can even run in parallel.

Coordination on the move

Teamwire ensures optimal coordination and fast communication of colleagues and teams which are traveling and on the move. Teamwire’s real-time messaging helps to get everybody on the same page, align activities, accelerate workflows, engage employees and boost the collaboration.

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