Productivity boost

When enterprises realize that their employees use mobile messaging apps like Whatsapp for business use cases, they normally first discuss the security, data protection and compliance issues of these apps.
At the same time enterprises quickly understand that messaging apps can significantly improve the communication, enhance the collaboration, simplify workflows and increase the productivity of the whole business.
By implementing our secure enterprise messaging app data protection and security issues get completely solved, and the productivity of the business gets a considerable boost.

Faster processes and workflows

The real-time messaging capabilities of Teamwire allow to quickly address, drive and solve important topics. Messages are delivered with push-notifications and time-critical communications are received immediately, which leads to faster response times and prompt decision-making. As a result processing times and operational efficiencies are improved.

No matter if we talk about productivity increases in manufacturing, customer service, logistics, procurement, accounting, top management, research and development, or marketing and sales, Teamwire can accelerate any process and workflow. Depending on the use case and workflow with Teamwire the productivity can be increased by 25%.

messaging time

Our dedicated mobile messaging app enables faster messaging and sharing, and therefore reduces the required communication time. Since everything is optimized for mobile devices, employees need less clicks and scrolling for their messaging, and also don't need to enter unnecessary overhead (e.g. email titles). Consequently Teamwire saves the user between 2 and 5 seconds handling time on every message sent or received, and decreases the time spent on messaging per employee per month by 1-2 hours. For enterprises with a couple of hundred employees the reduced messaging time alone results in significant productivity increases.

Lower email volume

Teamwire is a dedicated channel for the internal communication, and accordingly reduces the need to use email for internal messaging. Some customers of Teamwire report that internal email volume is reduced by 50%. Thus the email volume gets cut and an employee spends several hours per month less on "doing" email.

The lower email volume also leads to faster external communication and better response times to customers and partners, since there are less emails to process.

Less meetings
and travel costs

Teamwire offers an effective communication tool to discuss topics in real-time. Topics are often solved directly in group chats, which often serve as virtual meetings, and sometimes the need for face-to-face meetings is eliminated. Hence the meeting time spent per employee per month is decreased by 2-4 hours, and in addition related travel costs are reduced. Several customers of Teamwire report that the quantity of meetings is reduced by 20%. Again, for enterprises with a couple of hundred employees the reduced meeting time alone leads to a productivity boost and also to substantial cost savings.

employee satisfaction

Teamwire is an enterprise messaging app that increases the employee satisfaction significantly by offering fast messaging, ease of use and casual-style conversations with colleagues. The user experience of Teamwire is similar to leading consumer messaging apps and results in a higher motivation of employees.

While the productivity increase of higher employee satisfaction is hard to measure, some customers estimate a motivation improvement of around 15% especially of younger employees. This impact of Teamwire is considerable and should not be underestimated.

Cost savings and
higher efficiency

Overall, our enterprise messaging app can impact the operational effectiveness of every employee, team, project, process and unit. Teamwire can realize large cost savings, improve workflows and strongly increase the productivity of an enterprise. If you are interested to find out, how Teamwire can help you to boost the productivity of your business, please contact us for a detailed analysis of achievable improvements within your organization.

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