GDPR-Compliant Enterprise Messaging App

Teamwire is a GDPR-compliant messaging app for enterprises and the public sector. Teamwire ensures strong data protection and fully complies with all requirements of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Our enterprise messaging app protects personal data of businesses and the public sector comprehensively and is legally compliant with the GDPR.

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Data processing according to GDPR

Completely Encrypted Data

Teamwire transfers and stores personal data encrypted. Our GDPR-compliant messaging app protects all data of enterprises and authorities with a complete encryption.

Data Economy and Data Reduction

Our messaging app for enterprises and authorities stands for the principle of data economy and data reduction. Teamwire processes personal data only when necessary to provide the service.

Hosting in Germany and the EU

Teamwire's data center is located in Germany. Our enterprise messaging app stores all data exclusively on servers in Germany. Other locations in the EU are available on request.

Explicit Consent to Data Processing

Our enterprise messaging app processes personal data only with an express consent and in accordance with Teamwire's GDPR-compliant privacy policy.

Strong protection of personal data

No Storage of the Address Book

Teamwire does not store a user's address book on the servers. If personal data from the address book must be accessed, it is pseudonymized and immediately deleted after processing.

Pseudonymised Personal Data

If it is necessary to process personal data for the provision of the service, as far as possible this data gets pseudonymised and encrypted by our enterprise messaging app.

No Analysis of Metadata

Our GDPR-compliant enterprise messaging app does not analyze user behavior and does not create user profiles. Teamwire does not do any metadata analysis.

Privacy by Design

Our enterprise messaging app was developed on the basis of a strong data protection and "privacy by design" concept to protect data of businesses and authorities to the maximum.

Only User Name and Email Required

Teamwire only needs a name and email address of a user for administrative purposes. However, if necessary even these personal data could be pseudonymized.

Quick and transparent information

Transparency of Data Used

Teamwire provides comprehensive and GDPR-compliant information on the personal data used and for what purposes our enterprise messaging app accesses data.

Quick Support for Information Requests

When requesting information, we support enterprise and public sector customers as quickly as possible to provide all information about personal data used by our messaging app.

Archiving Simplifies Searches

Teamwire offers audit-proof archiving of the messaging communication. This archive allows enterprise and public sector customers to quickly search where personal data has been exchanged.

Data Processing Directory

Teamwire has created a detailed, GDPR-compliant directory for its enterprise messaging app that documents all internal and external data processes as well as the nature, purpose and scope of personal data processing.

Easy erasure and control of data

Deletion and Correction of Personal Data

Enterprises and authorities can easily delete and correct personal data of their users at any time. Our messaging app offers a professional administration portal with all necessary functions.

Automated Deletion of Data

Our GDPR-compliant messaging app even enables enterprise and public sector customers to automatically delete stored data from the servers or the devices at regular intervals.

Policies for the Protection of Data

Customers can configure organization-wide policies for accessing and exchanging data with our enterprise messaging app in order to protect personal data in compliance with the GDPR.

Control of Integrations and Data Flows

The connection of third-party systems and services to Teamwire are under central control of IT. Enterprises can fully control data flows and prevent uncontrolled data outflows.

Permanent supervision and monitoring

Data Protection Officer

Teamwire has a data protection officer who oversees the protection of personal data, controls GDPR-compliant data processing and reviews related processes and systems.

Monitoring against Security Breaches

To protect against security breaches and unauthorized access to personal data, our enterprise messaging app is monitored around the clock and all activity is logged.

Audit Logs

Our enterprise messaging app offers audit-proof and GDPR-compliant audit logs. These audit logs record important user activity (e.g. logging in) and document all actions by administrators (e.g. deletion of a user).

Comprehensive security measures

Technical and Organizational Measures

For our enterprise messaging app we have taken extensive technical and organizational measures to protect personal data and to ensure a high level of security according to the GDPR.

Data Risk Assessment

In order to be GDPR-compliant, the risks associated with the processing of personal data are regularly assessed and an appropriate level of protection for our enterprise messaging app is ensured.

Backups and Portability of Data

Teamwire continuously secures all data through encrypted backups. The archiving function provides enterprise and public sector customers with all data in a machine-readable format.

Gdpr-compliant contracts

GDPR-Compliant Privacy Policy

The privacy policy for our enterprise messaging app provides transparent information about the nature, purpose and extent of the processing of personal data. The privacy policy is easy to understand, clear and detailed.

GDPR-Compliant Order Data Processing Agreement

Our order data processing agreement is in conformity with the GDPR and describes how, when and where Teamwire as a contractor may process personal data of enterprises and public sector customers.

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