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Teamwire is a fast and easy to use app to serve all enterprise messaging needs. The app provides a compelling set of features to improve the communication with colleagues and teams. Users can send 1:1 and group messages, post status updates to teams, exchange video and voice messages, and share files, calendar dates, photos and much more.

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Fast messaging

1:1 and Group Messaging

Teamwire enables you to easily exchange instant messages with individuals as well as with groups and teams.

Real-Time Communication

Teamwire uses a specialized messaging protocol for mobile data networks. All messages and digital content are delivered in real-time.

Instant Push Notifications

Immediately receive all messages from colleagues and teams without the need to start the app (using Apple’s APN, Google’s GCM and Microsoft’s notification service).

Visual Messaging Inbox

The app nicely displays all personal and group messages as well as status updates in a unified visual inbox, and thus enables very quick access.

Advanced group messaging

Personal Groups

You can quickly define your own distribution lists to enable one-click group messaging and sharing with selected contacts (e.g. project team, management, marketing, etc).

Multi-Thread Capable

For new topics you can simply start new chats, and thus avoid that different topics get mixed in one thread like with normal messaging apps.

Title Editing

You can change the title and profile image of group chats in order to easily distinguish them in the inbox.

Team Channels

The group chats can serve as permanent messaging channels for teams, projects, units, divisions or even specific topics.

Managed Groups and Chats

Managed groups and associated managed chats are centrally configured and synchronized to users' devices. Chat members are managed and under full control of IT administrators.

Large Group Chats

Teamwire offers group chats with unlimited members. Group chats can have several hundred chat members to ensure that important information quickly reaches a lot of users.


Group chats can be set to broadcasting to have dedicated one-way information channels. In these chats only selected people can write messages and all others just receive the information.

Professional content sharing

Video and Voice Messaging

You can easily exchange video and voice messages with colleagues and teams.

Location, Calendar and Photo Sharing

You can share links with previews, locations from a global venues database, calendar dates and multiple photos at once.

Document and File Sharing

Users can easily share documents and files of any kind and view them directly in the app. Teamwire supports all popular file formats (e.g. PDF, PPT, DOC, XLS, Office).

Integration in File Sharing Solutions

Teamwire integrates in leading enterprise file sharing solutions. Teamwire supports Acronis, Novell Filr, Sharepoint, Box, Google Drive, Business Connector and many others.

Private Sharing

Teamwire offers complete and easy privacy control. You only share in private groups with the colleagues you choose.

Polls and Surveys

Teamwire provides polls for scheduling of meetings, coordination of activities and fast surveys.

Powerful messaging extensions

Read Receipts

As soon as a colleague has read a message, a receipt appears in the chat. Read receipts even work perfectly for group chats and all its recipients.

Adding/Removing Chat Members

You can easily add (or remove) multiple colleagues to ongoing chats. Added members will see the complete chat history. You can even add whole groups with one-click.

Chat and Content Search

Teamwire allows you to search for chats and related content, in order to quickly find older communication with colleagues and teams.

Forwarding of Messages

You can easily forward messages and digital content to other 1:1 and group chats, if other users should receive the same information.

Digital Content Overview

Teamwire provides a structured digital content overview, which allows users to easily sort and display various content types of a chat (e.g. exchanged photos, files, videos).

Chat Administration and Admin Rights

Teamwire offers a professional chat administration. Chat members can get administrator rights and writing privileges.

Easy connection

Professional Profile Pages

Employees can set up a personal profile page with all relevant information, so you can get details on who you are communicating with.

Automatically Connect Colleagues

Our app integrates seamlessly into your address book and company directory, and automatically connects you with your colleagues.

Company Directory Based on Domain

Colleagues are connected based on the domain of their email address. For each domain a company directory is created. If required, multiple domains can be linked to a directory.

Live Directory Search

Teamwire's live search feature allows to search for contacts in the company directory and all its tenants. This becomes important for larger enterprises with thousands of users.

External Contacts and Secure Guest Access

Teamwire also allows to securely message with external contacts like suppliers, customers and partners. You could even set up a secure guest access.

User, Role Based and Shared Accounts

In addition to standard user accounts, Teamwire supports role based as well as shared accounts. This helps for employees and teams who work in shifts.

Cross-platform availability

Mobile, Tablet and Desktop Apps

Teamwire's enterprise messaging app is available for all platforms. Teamwire offers apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, Windows, Mac and Linux.

Persistent and Synced Chats

Chats on all devices are not only persistent but get immediately synced. Users can switch between devices anytime and easily continue the communication.

Customization of app design

Colors of Own Corporate Identity

Businesses can change the main colors of the app to the colors of their own corporate identity.

Company Logo in the App

Businesses can customize the app with their own corporate logo.

Alerting and crisis communication

Effective Alerting

With Teamwire powerful alerts can be sent. Alerts are priority messages designed to inform recipients of critical events, emergencies or crisis situations.

Special Sound for Alerts

Alerts are received with a special alarm sound on the device in order to generate enough attention for a critical event or emergency.

Visual Highlighting of Alerts

Alerts are visually highlighted and marked red everywhere in the app. Users always have an overview of all important and on-going alarms.

Emergency Alarm - "Panic Button"

Teamwire provides an emergency alarm ("panic button") for instantly triggering an alert in situations where an employee can not type and every second counts.

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