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Direct Communication Channels for Each Team
Teams use specific group chats as permanent channels to talk about topics, news, customer projects, marketing activities and urgent events. These channels are basically virtual meeting rooms for teams to discuss things in real-time and easily follow-up on conversations. 

Permanent Connection of Distributed Teams

No matter if employees are traveling or teams are based in different offices, Teamwire provides instant messaging and a direct communication with everybody in the technology and media company whenever required. This improves collaboration and coordination with all employees and teams across the enterprise.

Solution to the Whatsapp Problem of Technology and Media Companies
In technology and media companies employees often use Whatsapp to communicate more efficiently and effectively. Teamwire provides the look and feel of Whatsapp, but is a secure enterprise messaging app for technology and media companies. This prevents critical data protection and security problems. 

Keep Confidential Company Data Protected

Teamwire safeguards confidential business data, media content, intellectual property and research information. Our secure enterprise messaging app strongly encrypts the exchange of all messages and related digital content, in order to protect technology and media companies from hacking and eavesdropping. 

Quick Group Messaging and News Sharing

Teamwire’s group messaging enables technology and media companies to easily distribute news in real-time to teams and to quickly bring everybody up to date. Employees can also instantly share digital content like photos, videos, files and locations in order to accelerate the information exchange and improve team communication.

Accelerated Workflows and Decision-Making
Teamwire accelerates workflows and processes and as a result increases the productivity of technology and media companies. Besides certain decisions cannot wait due to the importance for the business. With Teamwire all relevant topics in technology and media companies can be addressed and solved immediately.

Strong European Data Protection
Our secure enterprise messaging app is a German product and fulfills strong data protection required by European technology and media companies. Teamwire can easily be hosted in a private cloud or on-premise infrastructure to comply with highest security requirements.


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