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Permanent Channels for Specific Subjects and Classes
Teamwire’s group chats are used as topic-specific communication channels for subjects, classes, tutor groups, councils and even sports groups in order to improve the information exchange and coordination within schools and universities.

Fast Communication for Campus Staff
Teamwire provides staff, teacher and professors with a real-time messaging app to quickly address and solve topics, which happen on the school or university campus.

Efficient Communication with Pupils and Students
Teachers/professors communicate with Teamwire quickly and directly with pupils/students. Thereby response times are reduced, the communication is simplified and the connection of teachers and pupils or professors and students is improved. 

Share News and Updates Across School
Teamwire’s instant messaging makes sure that important information and news immediately reach teachers and staff wherever they are – in the classroom, in the office, on the campus or even at home.

Easy Sharing of Photos, Videos and Documents
Teamwire enables an easy exchange of digital content and teaching material within a school or university. Teachers and pupils or professors and students can directly share photos, videos, documents and files of a lecture with each other.

Including Parents in the Communication
If required in schools even parents can be included in the communication. This allows teachers to better inform parents about the development of a pupil and to more quickly discuss and solve potential problems.

Secure Whatsapp Alternative for Schools and Universities
Whatsapp is in wide use in schools and universities, but does not provide the adequate data protection and security. Teamwire is a secure alternative to Whatsapp, which meets all data protection, security and administration requirements of schools and universities.

Strong Data Protection, Secure Cloud and On-Premise Hosting
Teamwire is the product of a German vendor and is based on strong German data protection and European law. Teamwire offers a German cloud and on-premise hosting for maximum security and data control. 


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