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Empower Store and Warehouse Workers
Teamwire provides workers in stores and warehouses with a fast chat app to coordinate all relevant operational activities as well as exchange related retail data and content.

Quicker Response Times to Customer Inquiries

The instant messaging capabilities of Teamwire help employees to quickly react to inquiries and reduce response times for retail and e-commerce customers.

Fast Sharing of Updates for Teams

Teamwire enables retail and e-commerce employees to communicate news to the team in real-time in order to easily adjust business operations and workflows as required.

Perfect Communication Tool for Managers on the Move 
Managers, who are regularly on the move in stores, warehouses and offices, require a fast enterprise messaging app to quickly exchange information and easily coordinate business activities with colleagues and teams. 

Accelerate Processes and Workflows

Teamwire improves the internal collaboration, shortens feedback cycles, reduces the email overload, and advances procurement, logistic and delivery processes for enterprises in retail and e-commerce. 

Secure Alternative to Whatsapp for Retail and E-Commerce Enterprises
Whatsapp is widely used by employees in retail and e-commerce enterprises as part of the shadow IT, if there is no enterprise messaging app with similar features like Teamwire in place. Teamwire offers a secure alternative to Whatsapp for retail and e-commerce enterprises. 

Focussed Communication Channels and Group Chats
Teamwire provides topic-specific group chats and dedicated channels for e.g. teams, stores, warehouses and functions. These chats serve as virtual meetings, enable focussed communication and accelerate as well as simplify the information exchange.

Enterprise-Grade Administration Made Easy
Teamwire offers all required features for retail and e-commerce enterprises in an easy to use administrator portal: user management, access control, service monitoring, LDAP/AD synchronization, communication rules, automatic roll-outs, MDM/EMM support and much more.

Strong Security and Leading European Data Protection  
Retail and e-commerce enterprises benefit from the leading data protection of Teamwire based on highest European standards. Security policies and strong encryption help to protect confidential corporate data. Depending on their preference enterprises choose different hosting options (cloud, private cloud and on-premise).


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