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Ensure Direct and Easy Coordination on the Move
Government officials are regularly travelling and on the road. Teamwire provides fast messaging and an easy exchange with peers whenever and wherever required.

Protect Private and Confidential Conversations

Government officials are often the target of hacking and eavesdropping. Teamwire’s strong encryption and data protection measures keep the communication safe.

Quick Sharing of Important News and Updates
Teamwire enables officials to instantly share time-critical news, in order to immediately update colleagues and teams and take relevant actions.

Fast Group Messaging and Channels for Important Topics

Teamwire’s group chats serve as permanent channels for specific teams, offices and topics in order to provide fast access to information and ongoing conversations.

Efficient and Effective Internal Communication
Teamwire provides real-time messaging in order to accelerate workflows and processes as well as quickly exchange information, digital content and documents with officials and teams within the authority. 

Secure Whatsapp Alternative for Government and Public Services
Insecure messaging apps like Whatsapp are widely used by officials as part of the shadow IT. Teamwire is a secure alternative to Whatsapp for government and public services that fulfills all data protection, administration and compliance requirements.

Strong Data Protection and On-Premise Hosting
Teamwire is a German product that focuses on strong data protection based on highest European standards. Teamwire offers cloud, private cloud and on-premise deployments for maximum security and data control.

Easy Administration and Professional Multi-Tenancy
Administrators can easily manage users, sync directories from LDAP/AD, define tenants, configure security policies and set communication rules for their authority. In addition, Teamwire can be rolled automatically with MDM/EMM solutions.


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