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Fast and Direct Messaging for Mobile Units
Police, ambulances, rescue and military forces coordinate operations and missions with Teamwire. Our messaging app delivers all messages in real-time and ensures that mission-critical information is immediately received.

Secure Alternative to Whatsapp for Police, Rescue Forces and Military
Police, rescue forces and the military often use insecure services like Whatsapp, because they have no way to quickly exchange digital content like photos, videos and documents. Teamwire provides strong data protection and a secure alternative to Whatsapp.

Quick Sharing of Time-Critical Digital Contents
Teamwire provides an important complement to digital radio and enables police, ambulances, rescue and military forces to quickly share news with whole teams. Units can directly exchange digital content like photos, videos, locations and documents for better information exchange.

Fail-Safe Communication System
Teamwire is a fail-safe communication system, that solves communication problems in crisis situations. Teamwire provides a permanent and direct connection of mobile and stationary forces.

Targeted and Location-Independent Communication
Teamwire connects teams independent of the location of forces, across regions and independent of the devices in use (e.g. mobile phone, tablet or desktop-PC).

Communication Channels and Group Chats
Teamwire features dedicated and targeted communication channels and group chats for all relevant teams (e.g. task forces, units, division, brigades, regions, functions, etc.). Read receipts show, which forces have read the messages already.

Ensure Protection of Confidential Communication

Teamwire uses tap-proof and military-grade encryption that meets the demand of police, rescue and military forces for very strong data protection based on German and European standards.

Multi-Tenancy and Information Exchange Across Authorities
Teamwire is multi-tenant and multi-domain capable. Each tenant can be managed and controlled individually. However, if required an information exchange across authorities is also possible.

Integrated Geo-Referencing
In certain operations it is important that forces know the locations of each other. With the geo-referencing of Teamwire the location of forces is exchanged automatically (e.g. helpful in emergency situations).


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