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Empower Plant and Warehouse Workforces
Workers and teams in plants and storage depots use Teamwire for fast mobile messaging to coordinate important operational activities - wherever and whenever required. Since Teamwire is available cross-platform, all workers and employees with smartphones, tablets and desktops can easily communicate.

Enable Instant Cross-Team Exchange and Updates

Teamwire connects employees of different units and teams of manufacturing enterprises. Teamwire ensures that time-critical messages, news and updates are instantly delivered to everybody involved.

Quickly Solve Issues and Make Prompt Decisions

In manufacturing certain decisions cannot wait due to the high cost involved. With Teamwire’s group chats all relevant topics are addressed, discussed and solved immediately.

Fast Enterprise Messaging Replaces Slow Email and Whatsapp
Email as a communication medium is overloaded and too slow for the operations of manufacturing enterprises. Whatsapp as part of the shadow IT is widely used by employees of manufacturing enterprises, but is not compliant and secure. Teamwire provides a fast enterprise messaging app for short response times and efficient communication.

Dedicated Communication Channels Reduce Need for Meetings
Teamwire provides specific communication channels for e.g. units, plants, teams, warehouses, projects and functions. These group chats help to simplify the communication, serve as virtual meetings and reduce meeting time in person significantly.

Instant Communication with Suppliers and Partners
Teamwire enables manufacturing enterprises to quickly communicate with suppliers and partners. This improves the collaboration on joint projects, upgrades the information exchange (e.g. with photos and videos) and ensures a better supplier relationship. 

Improve Processes and Productivity

Teamwire accelerates workflows, processes and the internal communication. This helps manufacturing enterprises to increase operational efficiencies and the productivity of the whole organization.

Strong Protection of Confidential Information and Intellectual Property
Manufacturing enterprises are often target of industrial espionage and hacker attacks. Whatsapp is also a critical problem, because it allows leaks or theft of confidential data. Teamwire's strong encryption, European data protection, administrative controls and comprehensive security policies allow manufacturing enterprises to protect confidential information and intellectual property company-wide.

Integrated Ecosystem and Industry 4.0
Teamwire connects 3rd party software and services in order to automate workflows and digitize processes. These are important initiatives for industry 4.0 and the overall digitalization of manufacturing enterprises.


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