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Fast Messaging for Consultants/Lawyers on the Go
Employees on client sites use Teamwire to instantly message with team members in the office in order to quickly exchange important information and expertise as well as to coordinate client projects.

Protect Highly Sensitive Client and Project Data

All client and project data is generally strictly confidential. Teamwire ensures strong data protection based on highest European standards and provides a secure messaging channel for professional services, consulting and law firms.

Specific Group Chats for Projects, Clients and Functions 

Employees set up group chats and permanent channels in Teamwire for clients, projects, teams, offices and functions. These channels are virtual meetings and help to solve topics, to drive projects, to exchange ideas as well as knowledge, and to make decisions.

Improving the Internal Communication
Teamwire's real-time messaging helps to shorten response times, accelerate workflows, reduce email overload, and generally simplify the internal communication in professional services, consulting and law firms. 

Solving the Whatsapp Problem of Professional Services, Consulting and Law Firms
Many consultants/lawyers use Whatsapp to communicate faster and more effectively. This causes critical data protection and security problems. Teamwire offers all the features of Whatsapp in a privacy-friendly and secure solution for professional services, consulting and law firms.

Quick Exchange of Documents and Video Messages
With Teamwire, consultants/lawyers can quickly exchange any documents and also easily read them on mobile devices. Voice and video messages offer new ways for professional services firms to inform their employees and exchange news.

Comprehensive Administration and Security Policies
Administrators can easily manage their employees, pre-configure groups, set communications rules for consultants/lawyers, and define company-wide data protection and security policies for the professional services, consulting and law firm.

Professional Multi-Tenancy and All Deployment Options
Teamwire offers a professional multi-tenant capability. Larger professional services, consulting and law firms can create individual tenants for countries, regions or offices. In addition, professional services, consulting and law firms can choose their preferred server location (cloud, private cloud or on-premise).


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