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Secure Confidential Patient Data
Teamwire safeguards all confidential patient and healthcare information. Teamwire protects the communication and complies with all important healthcare industry regulations and European data protection law.

Improve Internal Communication Across Units

Teamwire simplifies and accelerates the collaboration within teams and across units. With Teamwire’s instant messaging employees and doctors quickly address issues, directly coordinate activities and easily discuss topics.

Accelerate Workflows and Increase Productivity
With Teamwire employees get immediately informed, response times are decreased, information is exchanged better with digital content (e.g. photos and videos), questions are directly solved and decisions are made faster within healthcare and pharma enterprises. 

Protect Intellectual Property and R&D Data

Teamwire secures all important business data, and ensures that intellectual property and R&D information are kept safely within the company. Strong encryption protects doctors and employees of healthcare and pharmaceutical businesses from hacker attacks or industrial espionage (e.g. man-in-the-middle).

Solving the Whatsapp Problem in Healthcare 
In Healthcare insecure Whatsapp is often used to quickly communicate with colleagues, doctors and across units. Teamwire provides a secure enterprise messaging app with strong European data protection as an alternative to Whatsapp for healthcare and pharmaceutical enterprises. 

Topic-Based Group Chats and Targeted Channels
Teamwire features channels and group chats as virtual meetings. They can be easily set up for units, teams, projects and research and improve the communication on specific topics. These chats offer read receipts, which make it easy to follow-up and drive a conversation forward.

Security Policies and Data Loss Prevention
Teamwire provides comprehensive data protection, security and compliance policies (e.g. data retention periods), that ensure protection of data within Teamwire and on devices. In addition, Teamwire supports MDM/EMM solutions to cover data loss prevention scenarios.

Integrations in EHR and IT-Ecosystem
Teamwire integrates in EHR to automatically exchange alerts and clinical information. Teamwire can also be connected to other 3rd party software and services in order automate workflows and accelerate processes of healthcare and pharmaceutical businesses. 


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