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Empower Sales Agents, Traders and Account Executives
Teamwire enables employees to instantly and easily chat with each other in order to close deals and discuss important client matters on the go.

Keep Enterprise and Client Data Safe
Teamwire secures the communication and all related content with strong encryption, provides leading data protection, stores data in a server location to free choice and comes with audit-proof archiving.

Solving the Whatsapp Problem of Financial Services and Banks
Whatsapp is a data protection, security, and compliance issue for banks and financial services, because employees often use Whatsapp as part of the shadow IT for efficient internal communication. Teamwire provides a secure, privacy protected and compliant solution to the Whatsapp problem.

Ensure Quick and Prompt Decision-Making
Teamwire’s real-time group messaging enables employees to make quick decisions that are often critical for the success of financial services enterprises.

Accelerate Workflows and Operations
Teamwire simplifies the internal communication, reduces the email overload, shortens response times, speeds up processes, improves the operational effectiveness and increases the productivity overall. 

Fast Sharing of Time-Sensitive News
Teamwire enables employees, brokers and sales agents to quickly and directly share important news and updates with their teams. 

Targeted Communication Channels
Teamwire provides channels and group chats for specific topics and all teams (e.g. investment banking, private banking, credit financing, automotive insurance, health insurance). 

Professional Multi-Tenant Administration
Teamwire offers easy and comprehensive administration per tenant and domain. Each tenant of a large financial corporation can be managed and controlled individually.

Compliance, Data Protection and Security Policies
Administrators can set security, data protection and archiving policies and can configure communication rules for their employees in order to ensure company-wide compliance for their financial service enterprise.

Full Productivity Independent of Work Place and Location
Teamwire has cross-platform apps for smartphones, tablets and desktop-PCs, that enable fast messaging and full team communication whenever and wherever it is required.


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