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Empower Field Services and Mobile Workforces
Mobile workers in energy and cleantech companies benefit from Teamwire’s enterprise messaging app by coordinating all relevant sales, operational and support activities easily in real-time while being on the move.

Ensure Faster and Better Internal Communication

Teamwire’s instant group chats connect employees and teams in different offices and independent of workplace, and enable them to directly discuss topics, quickly make decisions and easily share digital content like photos, videos and files.

Protect Critical Communication and Infrastructure

Teamwire secures confidential business and customer data as well as sensitive infrastructure information with strong encryption, and meets the strong data protection requirements of European energy and cleantech enterprises. 

Solution of the Whatsapp Problem of Energy and Cleantech Firms
Whatsapp is a privacy, security and compliance issue for energy and cleantech enterprises. Employees, sales representatives and service personnel use Whatsapp as part of the shadow IT for efficient team communication. Teamwire solves the Whatsapp problem in a secure and compliant way.

Fast Communication Channels
Teamwire improves collaboration in energy and cleantech companies through topic-specific communication channels and group chats that serve as virtual meetings (e.g. for customer service, sales, infrastructure projects, network operations, maintenance, etc.).

More Efficient Workflows and Processes
Teamwire increases the overall productivity: Our enterprise messaging app simplifies internal team communication, accelerates workflows and processes, shortens response times, reduces email overload, saves meeting time, and improves operational efficiency and effectiveness.

Ideal for Digitization and Industry 4.0
Teamwire is a core component for industry 4.0 and the entire digitization of an energy and cleantech company. The enterprise messaging app integrates itself into 3rd party software and services and helps to automate and digitize processes.

Professional Multi-Tenant and Administration
Teamwire is characterized by a professional multi-tenant capability and comprehensive administration. Larger energy and cleantech companies can easily manage individual tenants for regions and branches.


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