Key Benefits of Using Teamwire

Teamwire’s enterprise messaging app offers many benefits which significantly impact the operational and financial results of a business. Alltogether, there are four key benefits of using Teamwire in an enterprise across industries: Improved communication, increased productivity, strong data protection and company-wide compliance.

Improved Communication

Teamwire connects employees wherever they are in order to address, drive and solve all relevant topics. Employees can message in real-time and get instant feedback from colleagues. Group chats serve as efficient meeting alternatives and speed up decision-making in an enterprise. Besides group messaging is a perfect communication channel for the coordination, information exchange and content sharing of teams.

Increased Productivity

Teamwire simplifies and accelerates the communication of an enterprise, and improves processes and workflows. Our enterprise messaging app provides a fast channel for the internal communication, engages employees and boosts the collaboration. Teamwire upgrades the efficiency and effectiveness of teams, projects, units and the business overall.

Strong Data Protection

Teamwire stands out due to strong data protection based on German law and the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Our enterprise messaging app is completely encrypted in order to secure the business communication. Teamwire meets highest IT security requirements and protects all data, content and intellectual property of an enterprise. With certified data centers in Germany and the option to deploy Teamwire in a private cloud or on-premise, an enterprise is in full control of its data.

Company-wide Compliance

Teamwire provides easy administration and comprehensive configuration of the app. The user access to Teamwire is secured and fully controllable at anytime. Our solution offers a mobile security layer as well as enterprise mobility management integration in order to protect mobile devices and prevent data loss. Teamwire ensures professional and company-wide IT compliance for the smartphone era.

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