As of today, we have updated our pricing and added a new device license plan for businesses and enterprises with more basic needs. The new "Basic" plan is offered in addition to our existing "Business" and "Enterprise" plans.

Many businesses and enterprises look for a secure alternative to WhatsApp, that offers all the features of a leading messaging app, but provides as well professional security, data protection, compliance and administration features that such customers require. While Teamwire as a secure enterprise messaging app nicely meets these needs, the scope of the requirements of such customers often vary.

Our "Business" and "Enterprise" plans have perfectly satisfied organizations with more comprehensive security, data protection, compliance and administration requirements. However, we have learned that there are organizations with more basic security and administration needs and sometimes smaller budgets. The new "Basic" plan is trying to reflect that demand.

The "Basic" plan offers the Teamwire app with all features and unlimited messaging, while providing strong encryption and data protection (e.g. compliance with the upcoming GDPR). An email domain-based user directory simplifies the connection of employees of an organization. Besides the "Basic" plan gives access to the administrator portal of Teamwire for user management and service monitoring. 

While the new "Basic" plan is based on a device license model (one license per device required), the existing "Business" and "Enterprise" plans remain to be based on a user license model (where a user is allowed to use a maximum of three devices with one account). 

We have also updated our "Business" and "Enterprise" plans to better reflect the market demand and our channel partner relationships. Furthermore, the updated plans include the enhancements and the new features of our product of the last year. Nevertheless the price for our "Business" and "Enterprise" plans remains unchanged.

The prices of the three plans are:

  • Basic 
    €1,50  per device/month

  • Business      
€3,00  per user/month

  • Enterprise    

    €4,00  per user/month

In addition we now offer an option in all plans for businesses and enterprises that want to use our API. The API may be used for an additional fee of €0,50 per month (per device or user depending on the plan).

More details on the various plans and the pricing can be found here:

For questions on Teamwire and the new pricing please contact us.


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