Teamwire is happy to publicly release an open API to integrate the IT ecosystem of a business and our enterprise messenger. With the new API any kind of 3rd party software and services can be connected to Teamwire. The purpose of the API is to automate processes and accelerate workflows, and thereby simplify the information exchange and increase the productivity of the employees and the business overall.

The primary means for the connection of 3rd party software and services to Teamwire will be bots. The API can be used to easily program bots for our messenger for enterprises. These bots can have the same features as normal users. For example, bots can send/receive messages and notifications, start group chats and channels, and share any kind of digital content (photos, videos, documents, files, etc.). Thus, the possible capabilities and use cases of bots are endless and only depend on the programming.

In simple use cases employees can use bots to access digital content, reports and documents of 3rd party software and services directly in Teamwire. This saves time and clicks for the employee, improves the usability and simplifies workflows. Examples would be:

  • searching for files in an enterprise file sharing solution,
  • accessing information in an enterprise resource planning system,
  • looking up news from a stock market system, or
  • checking the weather report for a business travel destination.

In more advanced use cases 3rd party software and services can use the bot to send automatic notifications, messages and/or content to single users or groups chats in Teamwire. This allows to update teams on specific work progress or to inform an employee that a decision is pending in order to proceed with a workflow. Examples would be:

  • an automatic information when a new support enquiry from a customer is received,
  • a weekly report from the customer relationship management system on sales results,
  • a reminder when a sales activity is due, or
  • an approval of travel expenses or a vacation request with one click. 

Of course it is also possible to develop chat bots to help and automate communications with employees and customers. Some enterprises currently integrate basic chat features and bots in their own customer apps that are then connected to Teamwire.

Teamwire will provide standard integrations and bots for market leading 3rd party software and services for our enterprise messenger. However, the enterprise software market is huge and our open API gives completely free choice of ecosystem integrations. No matter if it is a 3rd party service or a solution developed in-house, our open API enables businesses to easily connect any software.

A key differentiator of Teamwire is leading security, strong data protection and company-wide administration. Our API ensures highly secure and protected connections to the IT ecosystem of the enterprise:

  • All bots and integrations get managed and controlled in the administrator portal of Teamwire.
  • A bot needs to be explicitly enabled by the IT administrator for the enterprise and its users.
  • The IT administrator can enable a bot for selected employees and groups only.

Thus, the enterprise is in full control who can use a bot and gets access to certain content and systems. 

Teamwire provides a Python SDK and a related documentation to customers and channel partners in order to develop bots and integrations. You will see that it is pretty easy to develop a bot and all the difficult stuff is handled by the API automatically. We plan to release additional SDKs in other programming languages in the future.

If you want to discuss ideas and use cases for the Teamwire API and the integration of our enterprise messenger to your IT ecosystem, please contact us


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