We are proud that Teamwire has been awarded the "Innovationspreis-IT 2015”. The price is given to innovative IT products and services for businesses.

The winners were announced today on the CeBIT 2015. A list with all winners and categories can be found here: http://www.imittelstand.de/innovationspreis-it/static/images/2015/INNOVATIONSPREIS-IT2015_SiegerNominierte.pdf

Teamwire was awarded the price in the category “Communication”, where we perfectly fit in. Currently there is a transition away from email towards messaging apps for the internal business communication, and we are offering the right product for the next generation enterprise messaging in the smartphone era.

We are very happy of the award. On the one hand it compensates for all the hard work we have put into Teamwire, and motivates us to continue further developing the leading enterprise messaging app. On the other hand it is a nice confirmation that we are on the right track: More and more people are understanding the demand for and potential of our secure messaging solution.


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