We have recently written about the integration of Teamwire in file sharing solutions. Today we want to present how enterprise users can easily access business data from all kind of sources with the Connector and share this content via Teamwire:

The Connector is an enterprise productivity tool by EBF, which provides businesses with an instant and secure mobile access to corporate data via mobile platforms like iOS, Android and Windows Phone. The Connector aggregates different data sources and backend applications in order to simplify access to enterprise data, accelerate mobile workflows and increase business productivity.

Sales force, service staff, managers, logistic workers, project managers and other "mobile" employees can get an overview of the business data important to them with one click. Users can retrieve files at any time and easily edit office and PDF files right within the app. Cost-intensive and time-consuming coordination and communication processes among employees and teams are no longer necessary.

A standard feature of the Connector is a "Secure Enterprise Dropbox": All files are made securely available on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets and stored in protected form only. Thanks to end-to-end encryption data is accessed direct from the enterprises’s backend systems and transferred to devices in encrypted form.

The Connector can access data and content from any source: IBM Notes/Domino, IBM DB2, Microsoft Exchange 2010/2013, Microsoft SQL, Microsoft Dynamics, MySQL, SharePoint, Office 365, Oracle, Siebel, SYBASE, Windows File Server, RSS Feeds and many others.

Teamwire fully supports the Connector as part of the file sharing extensions of the mobile operating systems. Teamwire users can directly access all data from the Connector, and share this content with colleagues and teams. This allows to simplify communication, reduce coordination, accelerate workflows, improve collaboration and increase productivity overall.  

Like Teamwire the Connector fully supports the EMM solution of MobileIron. Thus, administrative policies ensure protection of enterprise data and company-wide compliance. In addition, the Connector is available as a private cloud and on-premise solution, and can support an enterprise's preferred deployment strategy.

You can find a data sheet of the Connector here. If you would like to further understand, how Teamwire's enterprise messaging app can mobilize and digitize processes with the integration of the Connector, please contact us.