When we launched Teamwire a couple of months ago, we received several enquiries of larger enterprises. While the feedback on our app was very good, for most of these corporations a cloud solution - even though it is hosted in a secure and certified data center - does not fit their IT strategy. In order to make Teamwire suitable for every enterprise independent of its IT strategy, we have been working hard on a secure enterprise messaging solution that can be deployed on-premise. Today we are excited to launch the on-premise version of Teamwire.

The on-premise solution comes with the administrator portal and is available for iPhone and Android currently. The feature set of the apps is exactly the same as the cloud solution of Teamwire. Needless to say the on-premise deployment also distinguishes itself with complete encryption, strong privacy and data protection as well as mobile device management support. The main difference is that the on-premise version needs to deployed on the enterprise's infrastructure, which normally can be done within a day or two. We deliver the required solution to make an on-premise deployment feel like a highly performant, reliable and scalable cloud service.

Teamwire now offers the leading enterprise messaging app for all deployment requirements and ensures that companies of any size can increase their productivity with a mobile first messaging solution. Please contact us for a demo or for more information on the on-premise solution.


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