Today we are excited to announce the launch of Teamwire for Android. While the app has all the features and security of the current iPhone version, the UI and design have been adjusted to give users the specific Android look and feel

Plus, we have added these great new features:

  • Read receipts: The read receipts not only work for 1:1 messaging but even for all recipients of a group chat.
  • Adding users: Need a colleague's input for a conversation? Simply add her to an on-going chat.
  • Fast video sharing: Exchange video messages quickly with colleagues and teams.

Like our iPhone version, the Android version offers support for MDM/EMM solutions (e.g. MobileIron) to enable easy company-wide administration of mobile devices.

Please let us know any suggestions for improvements (features, performance, etc.) or if you encounter any issues, and send all your feedback to feedback (at) teamwire (dot) eu.

We will do everything possible to fulfil your needs as quickly as possible, and to give you the best enterprise messaging experience on Android.


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