Today we have some exciting news to share: The new version of Teamwire for iOS is now also available for the iPad.

For an increasingly mobile workforce tablets like the iPad are becoming a standard device. Especially employees in sales, field services, logistics and production facilities often heavily use tablets. Thus the iPad version has been a highly requested platform by our customers.

Since Teamwire is multi-device capable the iPad version can be used with your existing Teamwire account, and all messages will synchronize seamlessly across all your iOS and/or Android devices.

The iPad version comes with all popular features of Teamwire. However, it is a version 1.0 and you can expect various optimizations and new features for the iPad in the next iterations in the upcoming month.

You can download the iPad version from the iTunes AppStore:

We hope you enjoy Teamwire on the iPad! 

ipad logooooo