We are happy to announce the launch of the Teamwire administrator portal. The portal allows corporations to administer and configure all their users, and control and restrict communications company-wide. The main features of the administrator portal are:

User Management

The IT administrator can quickly import employees to the system via an active directory import, and invite all employees to Teamwire. All users can be easily administered and their access to Teamwire can be directly and fully managed.

Pooling of Users

Employees can be pooled in closed groups to control the communication and the distribution of digital content. E.g. an enterprise could disallow the communication of engineers of the research and development unti with sales, marketing and PR employees. This can be important to avoid information leaks and protect confidential content.

Communication Restrictions

The company can set communication rules to determine if users are allowed to communicate with everyone within the company, with closed groups only or with all contacts from their address book. 

Pre-Configuration of Groups

The IT administrator can pre-configure groups for employees. These groups (e.g. a team, project group or unit) will then be automatically synced to an employee's device and immediately ready for use.

In the near future we plan to launch some additional exciting features. So stay tuned for more news. Until then please contact us for a demo and information how Teamwire and its administrator portal can ensure company-wide IT compliance for your enterprise.

UPDATE: Many new features have been released for the administrator portal. An up-to-date feature list is available on our security webpage.