451 Research released an impact report on Teamwire's secure enterprise messaging app. The report by Raul Castanon-Martinez is titled: "Teamwire enterprise mobile messaging ready to set sail in a Safe Harbor 2.0 era"

In general, the research firm believes that mobile enterprise messaging will become a standard productivity tool, because it provides distinct value for businesses. Furthermore, enterprise messaging apps can address gaps that aren't covered by other communication and collaboration solutions for businesses. Based on recent market trends specifically secure mobile messaging is likely to see accelerated adoption.

451 Research believes that an increasingly mobile workforce requires new security standards. Besides the latest decision against safe harbor by the European Commission points to stronger data protection and privacy agreements. Data protection will become a top priority by policy makers, regulators and courts, and as a consequence will be the basis of decision-making of enterprises.

Raul Castanon-Martinez writes that these events can strongly influence the mobile enterprise messaging space in favor of Teamwire, which has a core competence in data protection, security and compliance. In addition the cloud as well as on-premise deployment options of Teamwire are an important competitive advantage in the European market. As result Teamwire is in a good position in the mobile enterprise messaging market and likely to propel its growth especially in the EU. 

Please follow the link to get access to the full report of 451 Reasearch. It is an interesting and worthwhile read.  


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