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enterprise messaging

Teamwire is a secure messaging app for enterprises, government and healthcare. Teamwire provides an intuitive WhatsApp alternative, that simplifies team collaboration, automates workflows and improves crisis communication.

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Teamwire in action

Team Channels and Distribution Lists

Group Chats without
Member Size Limits

Voice Messages and

Photo, Video, Location
and File Sharing

Polls for Surveys and
Easy Scheduling


Maximum security and data protection

and compliance

• Administrator portal and multi-tenancy
• Easy roll-out, access control and monitoring
• Company-wide security and data protection policies
• Secure container and full mobile application management
• Supporting all leading MDM/EMM solutions

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Our Customers

Effective Alerting and Crisis Communication

• Fast alerts for critical incidents and crisis
• Effective coordination of teams and regional units
• Improved security of employees in emergencies
• Easy connection to alarm, IT and IoT systems
• Significant cost reduction compared to alternatives

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Productivity benefits
across industries

• Real-time messaging to quickly solve topics
• Instant responses and feedback from colleagues
• Fast news channel for projects and teams
• Connecting mobile and desktop workers
• Better team communication and productivity

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Integration in the Enterprise IT Ecosystem

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  • API for connection of any 3rd party software und services
  • Integration of file sharing, ERP, CRM and HR tools
  • Automated workflows and processes with bots
  • Chat widgets for websites and apps
  • Perfect for IoT, industry 4.0 and digitalization projects

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